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Our Capabilities


Ameritech EngineeringEngineering is the heart and soul of Ameritech. From verifying part feasibility, to sound manufacturing principles, every effort is made to create a mold that simply brings more value and better performance to our customers. Venting, cooling and ejection are approached with the molder in mind, resulting in a process window that is ideal for the manufacturing of the part. 

Project Management

Ameritech Engineering ChangesProject Managers are the critical link between our customer and all facets of our manufacturing process. Project Managers verify that the customer’s needs and wants are clearly understood. They are responsible for monitoring and communicating all information from day one of the project through mold sample and shipment. 

New Mold Builds

Ameritch New Mold BuildsAmeritech has applied lean manufacturing principles to every phase in the production of new tools. We can ensure that, even though we are competing with global markets, the individual customer’s requirements and performance-enhanced engineering are still very evident.

 Engineering Changes

Ameritech Engineering ChangesAt Ameritech, we have the capability to address engineering changes that may arise in both new orders and existing tools. This allows for the customer’s requirements to be met and exceeded!

 Mold Repairs

Ameritech Mold RepairOur philosophy is simple: Find the root cause of the issue and repair it correctly. We strive to eliminate costly repetitive repairs for our customers.

 5-Axis Machining

Ameritech 5-Axis Maching CenterThe latest technologies in machines, software and cutters assure that Ameritech’s work is done to the highest quality and at the most competitive prices. Robotics allows us to maintain even higher standards of "lights out" manufacturing.

CNC EDM, including Wire

Ameritech EDM Our EDM department was the beginning of our implementation of robotics. Both the manufacturing of the electrodes and the delivery of them to the workpiece is handled robotically.

Horizontal Machining

Horizontal MachiningHaving the option for large horizontal machining allows complete flexibility in our choice of how to machine specific jobs. This area is a huge support for our ability to produce our own custom mold bases and plate work.

Gun Drilling

Ameritech Gun DrillAmeritech offers full-service in-house gun drilling, utilizing engineered cooling options. This allows our molds to operate at ultra-competitive cycle times. We also offer this service for specialized contract machining applications.


Ameritech Microscopic WeldingWe offer in-house TIG welding, as well as specialized welding for very difficult applications requiring extreme expertise and precision.

Mold Sampling

Ameritech Plastic Injection Mold SamplingAmeritech provides excellent support after the mold is complete, by sampling your mold in one of our in-house molding machines, or providing support at your facility during the sampling process.